Eat out of a healthy barbecue

- Jul 10, 2019-

What to pay attention to when eating barbecue. The combination of barbecue and beer in the summer is a big love for many people, but the talk of barbecue is unhealthy, but it's also a big deal.

So how to eat barbecue is healthy, in fact, as long as the following methods, we can be healthy and delicious to enjoy the summer barbecue.

Barbecue should not be eaten very often. As a daily meal, grilling is not recommended. These fire-roasted, smoked foods, charcoal smoke in the barbecue contains a variety of carcinogens, such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter, dioxins, benzodiazepines and so on. Meat is grilled on the oven when it gives off a tantalizing aromatic smell, and with the smell of the distribution, vitamin saboteurs, protein denatured, amino acids are also destroyed, seriously affecting the intake of vitamins, protein, amino acids.

Therefore, the number and number of barbecues should be minimized.

Choose a place where sanitation is legal People ate barbecue when it is best to go to restaurants and restaurants with health clearance and business administration permits, and to bake them. Avoid open-air barbecues, and most open-air barbecues are operated by vendors without business licenses and hygiene permits, and do not even know whether the meat has been quarantined for dead or rice pork, not only unhygienic or unhealthy.

How to choose grilled food. Do not eat charred kebabs and other food; eat barbecue, try to match green peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables containing vitamin C, vitamin C can hinder the formation of carcinogens.