Future trends of smoke-free barbecue oven industry

- Jul 25, 2019-

As people's living standards improve, health and environmental awareness, in the pursuit of fashion able-to-live at the same time, smoke-free barbecue as our life often used kitchen utensils, will be much attention. Smoke-free barbecue is a kind of barbecue equipment, its core feature is smoke-free, barbecue stalls are used in the equipment, farewell to the smoke and fire is the inevitable environmental requirements.

The barbecue oven not only retains the dry flavor of charcoal barbecue, but also green, healthy and hygienic, is the best choice for barbecue food. Charcoal smokeless barbecue oven principle: charcoal in the process of combustion is released carbon monoxide, it is colorless and tasteless, and charcoal is burned, itself no smoke.

Ordinary barbecue ovens have smoke when making products because they drop oil and seasoning into a carbon fire when making the product. Smoke-free barbecue furnace principle: generally use stainless steel furnace body, through electronic pulse ignition, the use of liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas combustion, heat to heat the above four independent high temperature crystal red gas heating plate and then baked food on the iron plate. Look at the energy-saving component control, electronic pulse switch can also control the size of the flame can control the temperature of the iron plate practical convenience.