Health and environmental protection is the mainstream trend of future oven equipment

- Aug 20, 2019-

At present, the market to 80, 90 after consumer demand as the core, consumer diversification and personalized demand in the market gradually become mainstream. More and more consumers like personalized kitchen products, their attention to products not only consider quality, environmental protection and other elements, but also favor personalized products.

This is a great development opportunity for many commercial oven equipment companies with a focus on personalization. At present, people because of their own health and environmental protection attention, so in the choice of commercial kitchen products health and environmental protection is the first choice, for commercial kitchen equipment enterprises, only take the road of health and environmental protection development means a way out. As a result, health and environmental protection products are favored by most high-end consumers.

In 2017, eco-friendly kitchenware will continue to rise and remain mainstream. At present, the brand wind in the commercial oven equipment industry continues to blow up, so for enterprises are facing the wind of shuffling, while the 2016 brand competition, also means that the 2017 kitchen market competition or brand-oriented.

It is expected that in 2017, stronger and weaker, more and more kitchen brands will exit the market, or close their operations, or transform into pure manufacturing enterprises, or be merged by large brands. With the development of the Internet, the commercial oven equipment industry is also gradually opening O2O mode, offline experience, online purchase mode for the industry still has a long way to go. On-line and offline information timely communication and conversion, offline after-sales service quality and product follow-up installation guarantee.

The rise of e-commerce has hit many retailers hard. For the oven equipment industry, although offline brick-and-mortar store sales have not been hit by clothing, food and other fast-moving industry, but has also had a ripple. However, in the eyes of the industry, consumer demand for large households such as ovens is very strong, if enterprises can enhance the vitality of the terminal, will not be afraid to face the challenges of e-commerce.