How should the BBQ grill be used correctly?

- Oct 09, 2019-

1, Before using the barbecue oven (smokeless barbecue oven) should check whether to connect the canned LPG pipeline and whether to connect after using.

2, To the oil collection basin poured into the appropriate water, to maintain a certain amount of water, to prevent drying. If the water is dry, remember to pull out the furnace chassis and add water!

3, Open the main gas valve, and then open the oven switch, with a igniter to ignite the ceramic plate (electronic fire oven directly with the ignition ignition ignition can be), and open the oven fan.


4, Ignition confirmation: igniting ceramic plate, can be seen a beam of fire on the combustion plate, the entire combustion plate ignited. If there is no light blue flame on the ceramic plate, this is not ignited, re-ignite until it is ignited.

The surface of the combustion plate is just beginning to see thin flame, about 1 minute after the flame gradually fades away, showing no open flame and red ness fever.

5, After the use of the barbecue oven, should be switched off the total gas source switch and the ignition switch.