How to clean and maintain a pizza oven

- Sep 05, 2019-

1. Turn off the oven heating system and wait for the oven temperature to drop below 80 degrees Celsius, then close the chain drive switch.

2. Use a screwdriver to remove the controller housing screws, open the controller, remove the conveyor belt motor chain.

3. Wear the heat-insulated gloves, remove the front and rear extension plates and leak-proof plates of the chain frame, and then pull the oven chain frame out of the front of the oven.

4. Remove the chain hook with a sharp mouth pliers. Pull the chain out of the chain rack and roll it up smoothly in the inside and place it in a prepared plastic bucket.

5. Put on the heat shield gloves, then the front and rear heat shield and wind shield of the oven removed, put the wind shield into the plastic bucket, and then the oven air guide box out, remove the guide plate, into the plastic bucket.

6. The appropriate amount of stove cleaner sprayed evenly on the chain and the guide plate, permeable for 1-5 minutes, with the right amount of hot water, slowly poured on the chain and the guide plate, until the water level has not crossed the chain.

7. Use a spray pot to fill in the appropriate amount of stove cleaner, spray the chain rack, oven inside the air outlet and heat shield surface, and then use copper brush and cloth to clean the chain rack and oven inside the air outlet, heat shield should be cleaned with a cleaning cloth, and then rinse with clean water, clean to no oil stains and residue.

8. Insert the clean air guide into the air guide box, insert the guide box into the oven in accordance with the standard order, and then install the left and right bezel.

9. The chain will be smooth facing up, the two ends of the U-shaped mouth closure direction towardthe outlet direction through the chain frame for a week, and then with the tip of the mouth pliers to hang the chain hook back, check the chain tightness, the entire conveyor belt from the exit into the oven, hang the conveyor belt motor chain, with a cross screwdriver to install the controller screws, the front and rear lengthening plate and leak-proof plate installed.