How to make pizza with an induction cooker

- Sep 10, 2019-

Materials: Onion 1/2, ketchup 1/3 bottle, red and yellow pepper sliver 1/3 each, pure meat sausage small piece, Masurari cheese silk, butter 40g, sugar, salt, pepper a little, yeast powder 5g (quantitative salt spoon fultake), flour 2 small bowls, milk 100ml.


1, Two small bowls of flour, milk 100ml, 20g butter, yeast powder 5g, sugar salt a little, mixed together and noodles (hard and soft noodles), and after a good set to put aside to wake up.

2, Fried pizza sauce: 20g butter into the pan, onion cut to the end soft, put ketchup, salt, sugar, pepper.

3, Red and yellow pepper each 1/3, pure meat intestine a small piece, cut into two centimeters long thin silk.

4, The bottom pot put food oil, noodles into the pot, by hand pressed into the pastry cake, the cake surface to be uneven.

5, Cake on the pizza sauce, put the cheese silk, put vegetables, meat, and then put the cheese silk.

6, Induction cooker opened a small fire for 10 minutes, the cake on the cheese silk melted, it succeeded.