Installation steps for the oven

- Sep 15, 2019-

1, All power supply equipment and circuit online must be professional electrical personnel in accordance with safety standards to install.

2, Before the installation of equipment, please check the contents of the instructions to check whether the connection of electrical appliances as required.

3, Rubber feet: do not use products that do not have rubber feet installed. The rubber feet must be securely attached to the device.

4, Installation location requirements:

(1) The product must be placed in a stable place in accordance with the instructions

(2) Place the product in a place that is easy to connect wires and easy to maintain normally

(3) It is recommended that the oven deviate from the wall at least 50cm distance, can install the exhaust pipe to ensure the oven exhaust flow, while the top and left and right sides of the oven, do not allow obstacles, to ensure the oven heat and exhaust

(4) All ovens must be placed on a stable table or on a shelf.

(5) If the product is placed against the wall, please keep away from flammable objects

(6) Please pack the product in a well ventilated place equipped with good fire extinguishing equipment.

5. Before use, please remove the film on the surface of the product

6. Electrical connection

(1) The connection to the power cord must be in accordance with the electrical safety standards.

(2) Power cord connection: with a suitable screwdriver to secure the cable and secure.

(3) When connecting, please follow the connection chart.

(4) Before connecting, check whether the voltage and frequency information conforms to the required parameters on the product parameters.

(5) Install a bipolar switch before the product and the power cord, and the voltage error cannot exceed .10% when the machine is running.

Note: The product must be connected to the ground wire

Warning: During installation, do not place appliances near walls, partitions, kitchen equipment and analogues on certain surfaces, unless they are non-flame retardant materials or surfaces covered with non-combustible insulation materials, and pay attention to waterproof regulations, when connecting power cords, insert the copper bridge under the screws to hold the power cord firmly. If the connection is improperly connected, it may cause the connector to heat the surface and burn off the power cord.

7. Connection of the inlet pipe: Please use the water to connect the solenoid valve inlet after each box of the water pipe fitting, and add a filter at the end of the tap pipe joint, in order to prevent slag blocking the solenoid valve.