Standard strict will become a big trend in the kitchenware industry

- Aug 25, 2019-

The introduction of various standards, the industry's progress has played a role in promoting, when the introduction of standards may have two possibilities, one is from raw materials, technology and other aspects of adjustment. The second is the possibility of relocating factories to other places where standards are not implemented, as some are local, some have not yet introduced standards, and local regulations are enforced in accordance with local environmental, economic development and policy needs.

In the face of such a strict environmental protection law, the kitchen equipment industry should also be based on the principles of production, life, ecology to develop, in accordance with environmental requirements to do, can not destroy the ecology to produce, to comply with the trend of the entire industry. For the introduction of standards in the industry, will be a great degree of standard kitchen ware, such as grilled fish stove, roasted whole sheep stove and other production links, for the development of various industries have a great role in promoting.