The grasp of fire during barbecue

- Sep 25, 2019-

In their own barbecue, the grasp of the fire is very critical, different food to use different sizes of fire, fire is not sure, food is easy to bake or roast edgy, after eating on the body has no small harm. After the barbecue carbon ignited, after a few minutes of combustion, the surface has a layer of gray white ash, the carbon block red, when the carbon block temperature reached the highest. This kind of fire, the food is easy to bake, but also easy to the appearance of scorched, inside is still raw.

The fire is best used for grilled meat, can maintain the original taste of the meat, can be roasted very permeable. The gray-white ash on the surface of the carbon block is getting thicker and thicker, the fire red slowly weakens, and the carbon block burns out, and it begins to decrease slowly to reach medium firepower.

This kind of fire can bake most of the food, like fish, chicken, vegetable energy, are suitable for roasting with medium fire. After the charcoal block is completely burned, the fire power is only a little bit, can be used to roast vegetables, fruits and other raw food.