Which one is your mouth on the electric barbecue, charcoal barbecue, gas barbecue?

- Aug 31, 2019-

One, Charcoal grill As a mainstream oven, most barbecue lovers choose a charcoal oven. Because charcoal burns more than gas, it is better suited to grilled steaks and other meats. And the charcoal oven is relatively dry to cook, very suitable for ordinary barbecue and smoked roasting.

Benefits of charcoal barbecue:

1, High temperature, suitable for grilled steak and other meat.

2, Dry, not easy to steam, roasted out of the food taste pure, full of flavor.

3, Suitable for smoked roasting, domestic consumers on the smoke roasting this slightly strange, that is, with barbecue, with fruit wood or barrel wood, low temperature, long-term roasted meat, so roasted meat has a smoky beauty, but also slightly fruity or wine aroma.

Gas grill Americans love gas-fired barbecues, which emerged in the 1960s and are becoming increasingly popular today. The previous gas oven had some disadvantages, such as it did not have a high temperature of the charcoal oven, but it had higher humidity than the charcoal oven (propane produces water vapor during combustion), and it was difficult to smoke food with a gas oven. But now the gas oven temperature is very high, some styles have a special smoke box.

Benefits of a gas barbecue:

1, Simple operation, fast, gas oven principle and household gas stove is no different, a button can start, and within a few hours to maintain a constant temperature, no need to point carbon, at any time attention to firepower.

2, Clean and hygienic, gas oven to avoid the trouble of carbon, less oil smoke, no charcoal ash, barbecue when convenient and clean, cleaning is also fast effort- 3, safe and healthy, first of all it is carbon-free ash, food roasted clean. Second, firepower good control, not easy to appear food scorching, sandwich and so on trouble.

Finally, the product of the gas is completely burned only with water and carbon dioxide, non-toxic and non-polluting, can be used with confidence.

Three, electric barbecue oven

Smoke-free electric barbecue oven is mostly a home oven, you can eat Korean-style barbecue at home, Japanese-style kebabs, etc. , and ovens, gradually become an indispensable appliance in modern urban homes.

Benefits of an electric barbecue:

1, Suitable for indoor use, not limited by the weather and local restrictions, let the outdoor rain and snow, can be in the indoor warm enjoyment of barbecue food.

2, Less smoke, electric oven will basically have oil leak holes and oil tray design, baking plate surface will not have excess grease, not easy to produce oil smoke.