Why do so many people like to eat barbecue?

- Aug 05, 2019-

Barbecue, delicious temptation, will be a string of fresh kebabs side by side placed on the charcoal roasting groove, not long after the oil, until six or seven minutes ripe and then sprinkled with cumin, chili noodles, pepper and other seasonings, suddenly full of incense, that color, that taste, is simply mouth-watering. The heritage of primitive food culture, barbecue is a global food culture, its origin can even be traced back to ancient times, when there are fish in the water, there are birds in the sky, ancient humans found fire, birds and beasts to catch with fire cooked to eat, which is a great progress of mankind.

From ancient times to the present, in the long history of the river, the old ancestors left behind things there is barbecue this cultural heritage. Barbecue, eat people are full of intoxicated, as blind as the barbecue reverberate, all around the dust, is not thinking about the way of meat. Needless to say, this way of eating is uncivilized. Most importantly, barbecue is delicious, can be a lot of hidden dangers.