Homemade Barbecue

- Sep 20, 2019-

Get ready:

1 aluminum barrel with a volume of about 30 gallons

2 50cm metal grills

1 metal barbecue thermometer

4 60cm stainless steel rods

1 metal basin

1 electric drill and 3/8 inch drill 1, drill hole 60 cm above the bottom of the barrel, drill four space distance equivalent holes, and also on the lid of the barrel also made four holes, they are used for air circulation. Next, drill four eyes 30 cm from the bottom, and if you think of the circumest of the barrel as a clock, two of the eyes are at 1 and 5 o'clock, and the other two eyes are at 7 and 11 o'clock. Next, rise 20 cm in the horizontal position of the four eyes and drill four more eyes in the same way. Produced is a three-layer structure of barbecue oven: the next layer used to put coal and charcoal, the middle layer of water basin, the top layer of meat. Finally, drill a hole in the middle of the barrel for the insertion of the thermometer.

2, Support the barbecue grill Tilt the first grill into the bucket, then insert the two stainless steel bars through the four holes on the second floor, then place the metal basin on top. The basin can not only increase the moisture in the barbecue, but also catch the oil that falls on it. Then, insert the remaining two poles through the top four eyes, then place the last layer of grill.


3, Observation temperature Insert a thermometer into the eye in the middle of the barrel. The ideal temperature is typically between 200 and 300 degrees, so temperature control is critical. "The faster air flows, the higher the temperature of the fire" and "air circulation is critical to barbecue".

Therefore, when the temperature is too high, block the air circulation hole with a plug, after the temperature drops, then pull out the plug. This homemade barbecue is very easy. There is also a handy barbecue on the market, which is a folding barbecue.