Maintenance Of Outdoor Kitchen Island

- Jul 25, 2019-

1, Before maintenance should be unplugged power, wait ingress cool before cleaning, and can not be cleaned with acidic clean water.

2, Regular cleaning of the box oil can be wiped with dry cloth, can not be cleaned with water. Remove the grill (plate) from the inner chamber and place it in clean liquid water

Clean, and the inner cavity after the application of dry cloth drying, and then clean with dry and wet cloth, strictly prohibited with water flushing.

3, At least one year with grease added to the door hinge activity place, to maintain lubrication.

4, Must be regularly tested or overhauled by experienced professional and technical personnel. (Recommended once a month)

5, Should read the instruction manual in detail, understand the performance of the oven, use, operating methods. Instructions should be kept for future reading.