Home Outdoor Modern Leisure Wicker Garden Furniture Fire Pit

Home Outdoor Modern Leisure Wicker Garden Furniture Fire Pit

This new type Outdoor Rectangular Fire Pit Table is an ideal outdoor centerpiece for keeping family and friends warm outdoors when the climate gets cold.

Product Details

We always adhere to the research and development of independent intellectual property products to manufacture Round Propane Fire Pit Table, Gas Portable BBQ Grill, Indoor Electric BBQ Grill of the leading level in the industry. Innovation is the inexhaustible power and source of the company's continuous growth, the inevitable requirement of customer demand and industry competition, and the internal demand for employees to burst into work enthusiasm. Our company unites people's mind with culture and casts quality by profession and we do not forget the original heart and remember the mission.

  Product Description

This new type Outdoor Rectangular Fire Pit Table is an ideal outdoor centerpiece for keeping family and friends warm  outdoors when the climate gets cold. Its extra spacious desk top allows you to hold drinks and food, making throwing a tea party convenient and labor-saving. Furthermore, its extra edge can effectively prevent kids from touching the flame, and your fire pit table will come with a flame guard glass to reduce the number of escaping sparks. It presents an elegant, natural appearance with its lava rock, and the lava rock possesses the characteristics of good heat preservation and thermal insulation.


Outdoor Rectangular Fire Pit Table is compatible with classic and contemporary outdoor decor, and is composed of 304 stainless steel pan and H-shape burner, US or EU standard safety valve and regulator with 1.2 meter PVC hose, which together construct a structure with good rigidity and high strength. Its advantages include easy assembling, electronic pulse ignition, and it requires no need of special maintenance. It can burn a beautiful fire in your backyard, and don't worry, it adopts multiple safety settings. 

  Production Specification

Table Top





$304 stainless steel pan.


$304 stainless steel H shape burner.


US OR EU standard safety valve.


US or EU standard regulator with 1.2 meter PVC hose.

Gas type

Propane or Nature gas.


55,000-6,000BTU ,CSA certificated.


  Quality Control

1. Before the order is confirmed, we would check the material by sample which should be strictly the same as mass production.

2. We will be tracing the different phase of production from the beginning.

3. Every product's quality will be checked again before packing.

4. Before delivery clients could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality, we will try our best to help clients when problem occurred.


Q: How could you ensure the quality?

A: Don't worry about the quality of our products. Our products are manufactured through strict production process, and there are special QC departments to check the quality of products to ensure the quality of products is excellent.

Q: What certification do you have? What are your main markets?

A: We have the certifications: Certified Product Listing (CSA), European Conformity(CE) and Australian Gas Association(AGA). Our main markets are Australia, Europe and South America.


Our Home Outdoor Modern Leisure Wicker Garden Furniture Fire Pit has won wide praise and all customers praise, for which we are deeply honored, and will not change the original will continue to struggle for the majority of customers. We have a domestic first-class marketing team and established a global coverage of sales channels and customer relations. We sincerely look forward to establishing close cooperation and exchanges with colleagues in the industry!
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